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Qualitin is Internationally recognised for its expertise in Strategy Execution

“The domain of the statistical approach to process management, has enabled Qualitin to contribute significantly, in creating improved efficiency and increased productivity for the companies they work with."

Jorge Gerdau Johannpeter, Gerdau Group’s Board Chairman.

Our History

In November 1996, Claus Süffert planted a seed called Quality Inn (Qualitin, as it was to be become known), generated by his professional experience in large corporations, such as the five years he worked at Petrobrás and his 25-year career at Gerdau Group.

It was during his experience at Gerdau that Mr. Süffert had his first contact with Total Quality Management concepts; a method that would later serve as the basis for his own company. Side by side with Professor Vicente Falconi,  he participated in the implementation of the PGQP (Program for Quality and Productivity) that brought a new perspective on quality to the southern Brazilian corporate world.

Thus, the company was born with the singular aim of helping its clients not only to set goals, but to achieve even greater results than expected. With this objective, of supporting its clients’ in achieving growth and conquer new heights, came its own growth.

Qualitin differentiates itself from others consultancies because it has a systematised approach and its methodologies have evolved into tools. It’s also different from other solutions providers because the solutions are practical, built and improved in the field, working side by side with clients.

With the market’s ever growing thirst to have access to its solutions and the constraints of building a thorough team with a global reach came the current strategy of building partnership with local management consultancies around the globe.

The company continues to grow at a fast pace year on year and maintains the challenge of bringing further success to the companies it serves. Today Qualitin is internationally recognised for its expertise in Strategy Execution.

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