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We improve organisations of all shapes and sizes

"I have found the people at Qualitin to be really client focused. They are very good at designing KPI systems around the business and happy to explain how things work and create new concepts specifically tailored to us."

Alistair Scullion, Automotive MD, UK

Clients Overview

Qualitin’s concepts have proven to work with organisations of all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter if you are a small office or global enterprise; we all have objectives and we’ll support you to achieve yours.

Our client base includes organisations in manufacturing, services, commerce, public organisations as well as third sector charities and social clubs.


Case Studies

 Fundação Tênis

 Social club who have transformed the lives of thousands of children from disadvantaged backgrounds                             


 Santa Casa da Alegrete

 Hospital who have improved internal process in order to improve the care they provide their patients     


 Mulberry Square

 The turnaround of a company on the brink of extinction.     




Serasa Experian has been using ICG since 2008.

By 2012, they had grown almost 300% in sales and more than 400% in EBIT.


Furthermore we managed to reduce the number of KPIs from over 4,000 to 1,500!