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However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.

Their approach simplifies the management process whilst involving the whole company in strategy execution

Francisco Valim, CEO at Via Varejo, Brazil

What we do

Strategy Execution is that bridge between your vision and what you actually deliver.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Except that gap might be larger than you might think. According to David Norton (Balanced scorecard), 90% of organisations fail to execute their strategy.



Strategy Execution involves everyone

Strategy Execution is all too often seen as something for the “top table” and is often not successfully communicated or understood by the rest of the organisation.

Strategy execution is all about every member of the organisation feeling engaged and taking ownership of what is essentially their part of the strategy. It is achieved by working with each person to identify how they fit into the bigger picture and how they can influence the strategy.



What we can offer you

Qualitin offers a flexible and comprehensive package of support to enable your team to achieve those illusive strategic goals!

We have proven to expertise to guide you through the strategy execution journey. Or perhaps all you need is one of our tailored workshops from the Qualitin Academy or just our unique cloud based software.

Where you need our support is entirely in your hands.

Qualitin Academy


The Qualitin Academy provides a comprehensive selection of professional workshops for passionate organisations who are eager to improve..

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Qualitin specialises in supporting our clients to achieve the levels of performance that they desire.

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Strategy Software


Execute your strategy by ensuring your team is aligned and the critical processes are being managed by the right people.

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