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All ICG features have the same purpose. Align, focus and achieve results

We are constantly improving our management tools and focusing on making them more intuitive and more powerful to provide you with the latest and most effective technology.

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ICG features have all been designed with the same purpose; to align organisations to ensure everyone is focussed on results. 


Strategy Map

‘Strategy Map’ is a very simple, yet powerful feature that brings an organisations’ strategy to life.   

Creating the map itself is extremely simple. It is just a case of creating the critical perspectives that will drive the strategy and then identifying the ‘objectives’ associated with each of the perspectives.

Its biggest strength is how each objective can be linked to the Key Performance Indicators throughout the organisation; enabling senior managers to quickly see if they are on course to achieve their strategic goals.




Process Range

Understanding what your data is telling you can be difficult and it is hard to know what to compare against and where you should be focusing.

The Process Range therefore helps identify the current performance of each process being managed and what your process is capable of delivering. This filters the 'noise'; allowing you to focus on the important 'signals'.




Identifying the Root Causes of Problems

The FCA (Fact-Cause-Action) is our Root Cause analysis feature.

When a result does not meet the process capability, KPI Managers are encouraged to research the root cause of the problem. Rather than just acting on the initial cause, they should continue to keep asking 'Why' until they get to the root cause.

Once identified, they can then generate an appropriate action to ensure this same problem never happens again.




Available, Secure & Fast

ICG operates in the cloud and uses top quality servers from around the World.

It is supported with the most advanced security resources to guarantee that all your information is always secure and always available.



Improvement Plans

ICG is based on the principle of managing the future.

ICG's ‘Improvement Plan’, embedded with a Gantt chart, helps drive Process Improvement. 



ICG minimalises the time required to prepare for each KPI Meeting.

With all the data in one place and KPI charts that instantly provide a graphical representation of data, there is no need for PowerPoint presentations.  

Monthly KPI Meetings are about team members presenting their critical results and proposed actions in order to discuss with the rest of the team. 


Request ICG Demo


Request a demo to find out how ICG aligns teams, processes and strategies to achieve sustainable results

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