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Support Overview

Welcome to our support section!

Here you have access to ICG's quick reference guide, Knowledgebase and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Alternatively, you can contact via support@qualitin.com





Knowledgebase Articles


Understanding ICG

A1:   Introduction to Qualitin's ICG Methodology

A2:   KPI Meetings

A3:   Process Range


Using ICG - Stage 1

B1:   Logging into ICG  

B2:   KPI Charts

B3:   ICG Icons

B4:   Creating a KPI

B5:   Data Entry

B6:   How to create a FCA


Using ICG - Stage 2

C1:   How to create an Improvement Plan

C2:   Managing your Actions

C3:   Setting Tolerance Ranges for Period KPIs 

C4:   'Process KPI' vs 'Yearly KPIs'

C5:   How to use the Pareto


Using ICG - Stage 3

D1:   How to create a consolidated KPI

D2:   How to use the consolidation chart     

D3:   Importing and Exporting Data

D4:   Autofill for Inserting Data



D1:   Edit dashboard view & changing your password

D2:   E-mail Settings



F1:   How to unlock KPIs

F2:   Create KPI Calendar to lock data



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