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ICG Version Control

Welcome to ICG Version Control. This page provides all the updates made to ICG each month. If you have any questions in relation to any of the updates, please get in contact.

Updated on September 10th 2015


- Changed the client range colours, in order to improve display in projectors.

- Automatic adjustment in the owner column for delegated KPI and team members with actual red tabs.

- Add the calendar column in the KPI import feature.


- Lower proccess range was changed in the range import feature.

- Calendar was not loading properly.

- Data protection permission was not setted properly.

- Decial places in the pareto chart is now the same as the KPI settings.

- FCA sign in the team's red and correlated KPI.

Updated on August 18th 2015


- The pareto screen now shows the KPI name and period


- Budget display in the graph

- Correlated FCA view in the Chrome for OS X

- "Worst colour" function was not displaying the actual when one of the totalized KPI have the actual disabled

- Pareto chart was not being saved correctly

- User import when there was more than one field with the same name

Updated on August 12th 2015


- User import tool

- KPI import

- Structure import

- Tolerance range import


- Pareto import feature

Updated on August 8th 2015


- Access to all events on the calendar when the usar has no full access profile

- Correlated FCA was enabled to secondary indicators

- MEI will consider only improvement plans with actions

Updated on June 19th 2015


- Pareto Import

- Icon to PAA in the menu


- MEI weights now accept numbers with decimals


- Client range display for 1C KPI

- Client range in FCA's graph

- 2Y axis feature in the comparative measurements

Updated on May 19th 2015


- KPI change in FCA screen was not updating cliente range in KPI graph.

- Grapg was not loading the correct data for cliente range, in the pending action screen.

- Attachments icon are now visible in delegated KPI, secondary indicators, Team's red and partner's KPI.

- FCA loading in KPI correlation.

- Efficacy vinculated by mistake to an improvement plan.

Updated on May 15th 2015


- Action owner in FCA were changed every time a user edit it.

- Function to sum up values and range in 1C KPI was calculating no measured KPI.

- Improvement plan loading in Firefox 3.6, IE7 and IE8.

- MEI titles display was broken in IE7 and IE8.

Updated on May 14th 2015


- Double click in the KPI bubble to view the fast measurement change window.

- 1C KPI client range when the KPI has an improvement plan.

- Date validation to consider an action pending only when the finish date is greater than today's date.

Updated on May 8th 2015


- Pending actions screen was showing already concluded FCA.

- Client range for 1C KPI with improvement plan was not calculating the chronic red.

Updated on May 6th 2015


- Delegated KPI tab was not working since last version.

- Correlated FCA was enabling correlation with KPI that already have FCA.

- In the multigraph. when a KPI has no name, the ICG was not showing any KPI names.

Updated on May 5th 2015


- Data import in the admin panel, that was not working since last version.

- KPI correlation was not loading since last version.

- Comparative measurements can now be included properly.

- FCA sign in totalzed KPI.

- Display of client range in KPI graph, that was using the previous month not considering the base date.

Updated on April 30th 2015


- FCA indication n delegated KPI was visible even when the KPI already has and FCA. That was not working properly since last version.

- Range information in FCA screen, that was not working since last version.

- Deletion of comparative measurements are now working properly.

Updated on April 27th 2015


- New 'copy or move KPI' function for all users.

- KPI report now is available for all users.


- Optimization in FCA screen loading time.

- Removed the old KPI dubble in the FCA screen.

- The graph display in FCA is now loading closed.

- Now the MEI display the KPI in order of grade : major to minor.

- Page division in the KPI report.

- Gantt graph is no longer displayed in the KPI report.

- Range approval now display a feedback.


- Issue when copied the KPI with pareto chart.

- Add scroll to password change screen in low resolutions.

- Issue with the sabe when changed the responsible user in bonus KPI.

- Calculation of the client range color for 1C KPI.

- Launched the new Goal deployment in beta test.

Updated on April 17th 2015


- Blocked the text editing in the fast measurement edition if the KPI is locked.

Updated on April 2nd 2015


- Display of totalization levels in the KPI Dashboard.

- Customization of objective color in the Strategy map.

- Option to view the custom color ou the KPI goal color in the objectives of Strategy Map.

- Option to view the KPI measurement color or KPI goal color in the objectives of Strategy map.

- Display of the budget value in the client range tooltip for 2B type KPI.

- Add the view of totalization KPI for the delegated KPI.


- Client Range color for 1C and 2C KPI, that was showing yellow instead of red when the KPI has no improvement plan.

Updated on April 1st 2015


- Totalization for 2B KPI, the formulae was calculating a wrong result.

Updated on 30th March 2015


- The Password change in the login screen was cut in the half.

Updated on 26th March 2015


- New alert sign in the KPI. When you do not reach the goal in the month, you will see a " ! " sign.

- News in the login Screen.


- In the Strategy map Objectives, the text is now centered.

- Add the Month color and client range color in the tooltip of objectives in the strategy map.


- ICG is now working properly in firefox 3.6 .

Updated on 24th March 2015


- The Arrow Icon in the Strategy Map will appear only when the user pass the mouse over the objective.

- In the KPI graph, now you can configure the display of the red range.

- Function to Sum-up actual and ranges is now working properly. It was erasing the red range from the KPI.

Updated on 20th March 2015


- KPI graph loading.

- KPI graph Display.

- Previous years view in the KPI graph.

Updated on 17th March 2015


- Loading performance in the KPI dashboard.

Updated on 12th March 2015


- Measurements values was behind the lines in the KPI graph.

- In approval of range graph, the reason display was showing only the half.

- Improved the loading process in the KPI dashboard.

Updated on 10th March 2015


- The function to accumulate values in the KPI graph.

- Added the budget value in the KPI tooltip, for 2A and 2B KPI.

Updated on 10th March 2015


- KPI graph was considering previous years measurements. 

- FCA tab was appearing for KPI with green measurement.

- In the Strategy Map, there was an error with the objective creation.

- Range approval graph display was broken.

Updated on 05th March 2015


- Task manager broken links.

- The range lines in the KPI charts were resized to improve view.

- Copy and Move KPI was not copying the FCA.

- Attachment files upload in the schedule meeting.

 - Add to group of causes from pareto do MASP.

- Display of the KPI ID in the comparative measurements.

- You can now search for the user or KPI name in the comparative measurements panel.

Updated on 24th February 2015


- Duplicated KPI on comparative measurements panel.

Updated on 24th February 2015


- The view of comparative measurements.

- Addedd a column for KPI Code in the comparative measurements panel.

Updated on 20th February 2015


- Access to the schedule meeting, malfunctioning since last version, is now working properly.

Updated on 13th February 2015


- The meeting time in the new schedule meeting was setting the wrong hour.

- The meeting minutes, in the new schedule meeting feature, was with a 4000 character limitation. Is has no limitation now.

- The calculation for display of strategy map are now redefined.

Updated on 10th February 2015


- New button to export the schedule meeting list.

- Admin can now visualize all the meetings in the companies with access.

- Meeting leader receives the email notification.

- Month display in the leader meetings was incorrect.

- Changed the meeting view to the leader's name, intead of the meeting title.

- Fixed the display of the KPI dashboard on IE7 and IE8, that was broken since last version.

Updated on 4th February 2015


- Meeting scheduled time was setting automatically to Brasília time zone.

- Display of the client range when the KPI has an improvement plan with end date after the base date.

- Criteria of improvement plan in the MEI calculation.

New Feature

- "Correlative FCA" feature is now available for beta testing.

Updated on 28th January 2015


- The password redefinition e-mail was sending a broken link.

- The Client range was showing the wrong color in the KPI chart, for the KPi with Improvement Plan.

Updated on 27th January 2015


- Fixed the task email with broken link 

- Fixed the column Origin, in the pending actions screen, it was showing the name of the last user to edit the action as the original user, who created the action.

Updated on 15th January 2015


- Fixed the display of the client range in the top of the KPI's graph window.

- Fixed the view of the client range in th KPI tooltip.

Updated on 6th January 2015


- Fixed the display of the selected user. This issue was showing the last user name in the curret user dashboard.

- Fixed the missing translations in MASP feature.

- Fixed the MEI timeout problem.

Updated on 4th December 2014


- Fixed the alignment of horizontal column in the KPI correlation screen.

- Fixed the missing translations in action Plan.

- Fixed the drag and drop feature in MASP's FCA.

- Fixed the display of MASP owner.

- Fixed the view of the action owner in the pending action screens. This feature was showing the name of the user logged in.

Updated on 28th November 2014


- Fixed the error in client range when the user have action plans in 1C KPIs.

- Fixed the issue in the accumulate values feature in the KPI Chart.If there is no period, now the chart uses the period between january and december.

Updated on 24th November 2014


- Fixed the password change issue on login screen, it was not working since last version(

- Fixed the client range display for type 2A KPIs.

Updated on 20th November 2014


- Fixed the error when the user registers a new task.

- Fixed the action plan date in the client range tooltip.


- Added the action plan's name in the tooltip of client range.

Updated on 18th November 2014


- Fixed the MASP window size when the browser was resized.

- Fixed the view of  the information on the project tab, on MASP.

- Fixed the measurements display in the comparative measurements graph.

- Fixed the MEI calculation for users with no subordinates, the results meeting management are no longer relevant.

- Fixed the feature of accumulate values in the KPI graph.

- Added the sign to show which KPI is being used in MASP.

- Fixed the Client range display in the measurements screen for 1C and 2C KPI.

- Fixed the final date of the action plan in the KPI tooltip.


- New partners tab are now available for system administrators 

Updated on 29th October 2014


- Fixed the MEI time out issue.

Updated on 23th October 2014


- Fixed the bonus tab, that was not loading.

- Fixed the issue to create a meetings in MASP's schedule.

Updated on 22th October 2014


- Fixed the error when the user was trying to save a action on the action plan and this action was for another user.

Updated on 16th October 2014


- Fixed the bonus KPI edition, that was hiding the KPI from visualization.

- Fixed the PDF file generator throug the offline meeting report, that was generating some pages with broken links.

Updated on 14th October 2014


- MASP compatibility with IE8 browser.

- Fixed the MEI calculation when accessed by different ways.

Updated on 9th October 2014


- Fixed the space between the buttons in BSC.


- Fixed the tranlations for the BSC feature.

- In the measurement screen, fixed the word "de", that was appearing in portuguese only.

Updated on 9th October 2014


- Fixed the bonus tab, that was not working since last version.

- Fixed the month navigation in the MASP pareto feature.

- The button "add to MASP" has been changed to "Add to cause collection".

- Users can now select an ICG User for the Sponsor field, in MASP.

- Fixed the colection add in MASP action plan, where the text was incorrectly changing to 100 maximum characters.


- Add the missing translations on EGU feature.

- Improved the translations in the ICG legend button.

Updated on 3rd October 2014


- Fixed the button that allows to hide the table editing in the pareto feature.

- Add the access to gannt graph in MASP Action plan.

- Fixed the button "Save and add next" in the action plan.

- Fixed the plan creation through MASP priorization tab.

Updated on 2nd October 2014


- Fixed the scroll bar in the protection data screen, malfunctioning since last version.

Updated on 2nd October 2014


- Fixed the pop up in the protection data edition, that was disappearing when clicked.

- Fixed the totalization sign when a KPI were copied and the new KPI was not totalized.

- Fixed the page loading in IE8 and IE9 browsers, malfunctioning since last version.

- Fixed the approval of range feature.

Updated on 30th September 2014


- Fixed the graphs for type "C" KPIs, that was not appearing since last version.

Updated on 29th September 2014

New Features

- Released the beta version of the new feature Advanced method for problem solutions (MASP) .

Updated on 29th September 2014


- Fixed the button to save and delete FCA features , that was not working on Firefox 3.6 .

- Fixed the "Save and add next" feature in the action plan, that was not selecting the logged user as the action owner.

- Translated the message when a action name have more than 100 characters.

- Fixed the pending actions screen, that was directinh for the old version and loading no data, since last version.

Updated on 27th September 2014


- Removed the "Routine control" KPI from the KPI list in the FCA feature, when the user has no routine control.

- Corrections in the Bonus KPI measures in the MEI calculation.

- Fixed the rename personal data in the KPI rename screen.

- Disabled the action plan for the routine.

- Fixed the message when reached the maximum character number in the action plan name.

- Fixed the issue when saved the action plan by clicking "Save and add next", where the system was overwriting the last saved one.

- Fixed the FCA display in IE9 Browser.

- Fixed the view of the month in the MEI screen.

- Removed the message when change the language in the admin panel.

- Fixed the translations in the offline meeting report.

- Fixed the missing translations in the MEI screen.

- Fixed the missing translations in the FCA screen.

Updated 14th August 2014


- Fixed the broken password reset link, since last version

- Fixed the issue in new KPI, when import data for the first time, did not show the FCA need indication, since last version.

Updated 13th August 2014


- Fixed the value loss for proccess range in bonus KPI, occured since last version.

Updated 8th August 2014


- Fixed the issue in the bonus iten creation


- New average calculation feature for 2B KPI

Updated 05th August 2014.


- Fixed the information in the MEI window "My Score".

- Fixed the MEI "target management" calculation.


- New column "responsible user" for bonus itens in the import and export feature.

- Configured the permission for bonus users in the protection data screen.

Updated on 29th July 2014


- Fixed the data loss in the client range for bonus KPI.


- Included the responsible name in the Bonus KPI export.

- The Bonus KPI have now the data protection feature.

Updated 10th July 2014


- Fixed the KPI name in bonus tab.

- Fixed the access with Internet Explorer 9. This browser was not loading the login page since last version.


- New translations in the bonus tab for users, and bonus admin panel.

Updated 8th July 2014


- Fixed the graph of bonus itens.


- New feature in the password change screen. Now the user can see how many of each characters are needed(defined by the user).

- New special characters  tooltip in the password change screen.

Updated 4th july 2014


- Correction in the password change translation : language selected by the user is stored by browser.

- Correction in the login timeout delay for the value defined by the user. Login was expired in standard time since last version.

- Corrections in the “actuals” and “comment” fields for bonus itens.

- Correction about the scroll bar in the password change screen. Some resolutions was not showing the security captcha since last version.

Updated 30th June 2014


- Access to the old version of action plan (for thoose who have it)

- Translations in the range approval screen

- Button position in the range approval screen 


- Released the new login screen

- New KPI name filter in the measurement report generation

Updated 24th June 2014


- Fixed the issue when more than one KPI was added in the comparative measurements

- Fixed the problem to generate MEI report

- Validation on FCA form


- Enabled the auxiliary KPI access to the action plan (when there's already a plan before the KPI turn to green)

Updated 18th June 2014

- Action Plan exportation to excel.

- Save actions in the action plan.

- Position placement scale in the KPI comparative graphics.

Updated 10th June 2014

- Pending actions screen save button fixed.

- Green KPI have now access to FCA (When the FCA already exist before the item turn to green ).

- ICs Fixed the double KPI in the Item report.

- Fixed the duplicated meetings in the report.

- 24 Months display in the KPI graphic Fixed.

- Added Auxiliary KPI in the comparative measurements.

- Measurements user list shows only active users.

Updated 3rd June 2014 

- Grouping GRID align for MAC (safari).

- “Benchmark” graphic translating fixed.

- Fixed the alert message if you do not filled the option Effect / Cause in the action section.

- Fixed the KPI without value in the routine.

- Changed the option “effect / cause “ in the actions, from lists to checkbox.

- Included the item type 1C as bonus item.

- Change the calendar to show only month and year in the measurements report.

- Security configuration to restric the access by IP address.

Updated 5th may 2014 

- FCA graphic opens ond MDC.

- KPI screen when the user has more than one routine control.

- Option to add effect itens without a cause on MDC.

- KPI screen display for IE7 and IE8 Browsers.

- KPI Register form view in Firefox 3.6 browser.

- Measurements exportation window opening.

- Admin access by subordinates screen.

- MDC grid displacement.

- Disabled FCA access for auxiliary KPI.

- FCA effectiveness form conclusion date validation.

- Silverlight graphic opening in the action plan screen.

- Counter on the “ subordinate’s red “ tab.

- KPI visualization format in firefox browser.

- Conclusion date validation in the action and effectiveness screen.

- Select and change meeting dates that do not fixated on IE9.

- KPI priority ordination.

- FCA screen access and space to edit action.

- Possibility to add more than one file in the import list.

- MDC loading and grouping tome optimized.

- Changed the edge color to White when the client range is dark blue.

- KPI screen layout optimized for IE7 and IE8 browsers.

- Added customizable filters for the value view in the KPI and measurements report.

- Added partner KPI tab (for thoose who have this resource enabled ).

Updated 15th march 2014 

- Correction in the language change button in the menu .

- Correction of the KPIs table loading when the user has no KPIs.

- Correction about the calculation of the Upper procces range and Upper Client range.

- Correction of the Internet Explorer 10 endless loading when used the save and cancel button.

Updated 17th october 2013 

- Ordering of the bubbles in the FCA features has been fixed .

- The FCA feature is now fully compatible with Internet Explorer 8 .

- When copying a KPI, the new FCA feature can also be copied .

- Notification telling you why data was not imported .

- A column included to show inactive users.

- The ability to zoom within the FCA feature.

- Added option to scan all items of client control in the search / filter for items MDC cause / effect.

ICG Partners
The ICG Partners enables interaction between companies by sharing control items, making communication clearer and using only one data source, preventing duplicate information and different.

Updated 9th september 2013 

- You can now control what automatic e-mails you receive, when you receive them and how often.

- If the KPI has na action plan, it adjust the cliente rage color on the month basis.

- Fixed the date changes when the year was written in FCA.

- Fixed the month selecting in FCA , when was selected the first month e not the last.

- When a KPI was selected in the FCA screen, was not shown the last FCA needy month.

- Fixed the problem when effectiveness verification was saved but the FCA was not concluded.

- Space-bar was not working on IE10.

- Show new FCA, effectiveness and week meetings in the mobile task manager report.

- Fixed the missing message when the task monitor password was expired.

- Display the routine item in the KPI list.

- Display the month colors in the routine itens.

- New accept and decline buttons in the task monitor emails.

- New bar graph.

Updated 22th July 2013 

- Fixed the problem when delete a action plan and the system logout the user.

- The Action plan (Gantt) graph display was not complete in some screen resolutions.

- The auto fill in the measurements screen was informing incorrect dates.

- Missing roll bar in the measurements screen.

- The last year was duplicated in the new year measurement screen.

- Excel formula results import.