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Posted 10th January 2014. Last Updated 18th February 2015


This article will show you how to use the Auto-fill feature on the 'Data Entry' page.


How to use Auto-Fill

From the Data Entry screen, click 'Auto Fill' as shown below.



This will bring up the screen as shown below.

(The 'Autofill' will look different depending on the 'KPI Type')

The example below is a 2A KPI, which requires you to enter a forecast, budget and actual data. 




Alternatively, a Process KPI will show the Actual, Client Range, Red Red and Process Range



Specify Date

Before inserting the data, you will need to define the dates using 'Period'

Simply click the 'calendars' and select the appropriate dates. 



Inserting Data

If you put the same value in the 'From' and 'To' fields, the value will be the same for the months specified.




If you put different values in the 'From' and 'To' fields, the values will increment over the months specified.




Inserting Data for Process KPIs

For Process KPIs, you can insert data for the Client Range, Red Red and Process Range.

With the ranges, you can insert data for both the 'Upper' and 'Lower' limits

(The principles of how you enter data is the same)



Using the examples below, the Lower Process Range will remain at 40 for the months specified.

However the Upper Process Range will increment from 100 to 120 for the months specified.

Any actual within these two ranges will therefore appear as green.


Once you have finished inserting data, click 'Fill'




>   When you have finished inserting data, always click 'Save' on the data entry screen   

>   If you insert data into the 'From' field, you must also use the 'To' field.

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