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How to create a KPI Calendar to lock Data

Posted 6th January 2014. Last Updated 14th March 2014


This article will explain how facilitators are able to view and create KPI calendars that will automatically lock data for KPI Managers in their team.



As a Facilitator, you have the required admin access to lock KPI Data. This means you can lock Actual, Forecast and Budget data and it can therefore not be changed or overwritten by anybody without Admin access.

The image below shows how locked data could appear


This is achieved through creating a 'Locking Date Calendar' which will automatically lock data and allow you to dictate:
-   Which KPIs should lock
-   When the KPIs should lock
-   What data (Actual, Forecast, or Budget) this should include.
-   Which Team Members this should apply to.

How to View or create a Locking Calendar

1.   From the Administrator Screen, click the ‘Protect Data’ calendar icon, as highlighted below.
2. This will provide you with a list of existing Locking Date Calendars
Select one to view or edit the locking dates of an existing calendar.
Alternatively, click 'New' to create a new calendar.
3.   Provide an appropriate name for your calendar (Excluding special characters) 
Click Ok.
4.   You will arrive at the screen as shown below. This is where you will add people to your locking calendar.
Expand the companies and business units on the left hand side to find the relevant people.
To add them to your calendar, you will need to tick their names, and select 'Copy User'
Their names will appear on your calendar on the right hand side.


5.   Click the 'calendar' tab. This is where you will provide the locking dates

To add a new year, clear the green cross symbol as shown below and insert a new year. For example. '2012'

Click 'OK'


6.  From here, you can provide locking dates for the Actual, Budget and Forecast for every month of the year.
To do this, simply select a cell and manually insert the locking date. Using the image below as an example
   -   The Actual Data will lock at the beginning of the following month
   -   The Forecast data was locked at the beginning of the year
   -   The Budget data has no locking dates so people are able to change this data.
7.   Once finished, ensure you click 'Save'

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