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Inserting KPI Data

Posted 24th January 2014. Last Updated 18th February 2015


This article will show you how to insert data for a KPI.


Insert Data

Select a KPI from the Dashboard and click the 'Data Entry' icon.



You will arrive at the screen as shown below. The columns will be different depending on the 'KPI Type'

Insert data like you would with an excel spreadsheet by using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

When you insert data, hit the 'Enter' or 'Tab' key to confirm the entry.

Ensure you click 'Save'



If you are not measuring a particular month, 'untick' the checkbox.

To return to the KPI Dashboard, click the 'KPI' Button at the top of the screen or click 'back' using the web browser. 

Make sure you have saved first!




Other Methods of Data Entry

1.   You can insert data by copying and pasting directly from excel.

2.   You can insert data using the Autofill feature

3.   You can import KPI data directly into ICG using an Excel Spreadsheet

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