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Importing and Exporting KPI Data

Posted 11th January 2014. Last Updated 18th February 2015


This article will explain

>   How to export data from the KPI system onto an Excel Spreadsheet.

>   How to import data from an Excel spreadsheet directly onto the KPI Management system.



Exporting Data from the KPI System

From the Data-Entry screen, you are able to export data directly onto an Excel spreadsheet.

To do this, simply click 'Export Measurements' as shown below. 




This will divert you to the exporting screen, which will display all of your KPIs.

Firstly 'tick' all the KPIs you would like to export the data for.

Then specify between which dates you would like the data to be exported for. (e.g... March 2010 - December 2012).



Finally click 'Export'

This will export your data onto an Excel spreadsheet.



Importing Spreadsheet

Using an Excel spreadsheet, you are able to import data directly onto the system.

If you are inserting data for many KPIs, this is a far quicker method than to manually insert data for every KPI.

To spreadsheet needs to be in a format as shown below.



If you export data (using the instructions above) this will provide you with the necessary template.

(Then you can change the data and import back onto the system)

Alternatively you can click to image below to retrieve the template.


Importing Template


When importing data, you should take note of the following considerations: 

       >    The file must be saved in Excel workbook 97 - 2003 format (*.xls).

       >    The Spreadsheet cannot be open when you import data.

       >    Only cells A - J will be imported. (You can still have data in other columns if required)  

       >    Only the first tab of the Spreadsheet can be imported.

       >    You cannot overwrite locked data

       >   The Spreadsheet cannot contain any formulas

       >   There cannot be any completely empty rows.



Importing KPI Data

When you are ready to import your data, go to 'file', then click 'Import Data' as shown below.


You will navigate to the screen as shown below.

Click 'choose file' to select your Spreadsheet, then click 'Run'.

Remember your Spreadsheet cannot be open when importing data. 



You will be notified once the importing has finished.

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